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Hawaii is known for harboring some of the biggest Bonefish in the world!!!!

There is nothing quite like sighting and casting at bonefish cruising through the shallows of Maui. A typical day on the water can yield upwards of 20-30 sighted fish and some days we can see twice that!  Generally, you will see big fish cruising by themselves or maybe in small groups of 2 or 3, whereas smaller fish will school in slightly bigger numbers. On Maui, we rarely see big groups of fish like you may see in other destinations around the world, but what we lack in numbers, you make up for in size! Our fishery can be challenging, but the rewards are sweet, with successful anglers often times catching their personal best…a fish of a lifetime.

Trip Info:

Duration 5-6 hrs

All equipment is provided. If you want to bring your own we recommend 8 or 9 wt rods.

Start time will always vary by tide and we will reach out the evening before a trip to confirm time and place

*We prefer to take no more than 2 anglers, but if you have a larger party, please reach out and we may be able to accomodate

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